3228 Ferguson Valley Road     Booneville, AR 72927         (501)-844-6008
2024 Events

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This park is a family owned facility with family values. The park has a total of 880 acres of wooded mountains, creeks, and pastures and is currently under construction for many different types of off road adventures for all of your family fun! The park has over 50 different trails for Rock Crawlers ranging from stock vehicles to your Big Bad Buggies.! We have constructed a Rock Garden, Mud Pit, and Primitive Camp Sites. The park is also under construction of a Motocross Track, Dirt Drag Strip, Log Jam, Restrooms, and Camp Sites with water & electric.

The Off Road Trails at RCRR navigates through the wooded mountains and offers many different obstacles including steep terrain, mud, and boulders that will test your equipment and all your Driving Skills. 

Rock Creek Racing and Recreation, hereinafter reffered to as RCRR. Upon entering the park you expressively assume all risks before, during and/or after the events and agree for yourself and your heirs, represenatives, beneficiatires and assigns that RCRR, their employess, agents, officers, and directors are hereby released from any and all claims arising from the events. The park is neither liable nor responsible for damages, loss and/or theft of personal property or injury to visitors. Please remember to be courteous to others. No profanity or obscene gestures will be tolerated. No illegal drugs or mind-altering substances allowed. Alcoholic beverages are allowed as long as you are 21 years of age or older and used in moderation (Recommended after the ride.) RCRR reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban at any time from participation in any park activity or events for failure to comply with the rules, regulations and/or safe operating procedures:

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3228 Ferguson Valley Road
Booneville, Ar. 72927
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